Game Download Rise of Venice Update v1.2

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Game Download Rise of Venice Update v1.2

You need the following releases to use this update: 
– Rise.of.Venice-RELOADED
– Rise.of.Venice.Beyond.the.Sea.DLC-RELOADED

Updates v1.1.1 and v1.2 are included in this release. Check the included changelog for a list of updates.

– Each city can now have 300 farms and houses
– Fixed an exploit to duplicate ship’s armament
– Fixed a bug in the Council mission for the exchange of certain large
– quantities of goods
– Fixed issues with the mission list
– Fixed a bug in the blockade of a Genoese Town Council mission
– Uncovering & displaying of a pirate hideout has been updated
– Fixed a problem with expired job searches
– Several localization fixes

– Increased limit of buildings to 300 (available from start)
– Fixed sound bug related to teacher
– Adjustment in scoreboard calculation
– Various minor bug fixes and localization tweaks

Update v1.2 – BAT – 3 MB



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